Arro Property are highly skilled property lawyers and conveyancing experts who specialise in facilitating land transactions, whether sales or purchases. We take pride in our innovative approach to legal services, which evolves to keep pace with the ever-changing world.

Our primary commitment is our clients’ success. We aim to foster long-term relationships by providing expert guidance throughout their legal journey in all matters related to land transactions.

Your Partner in Land Sales Transactions

Undertaking a property sale requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of legal procedures. Our role in your property sale process encompasses overseeing the entire settlement from start to finish. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Organise contract of sale
  • Advise on essential elements to include in your contract of sale
  • Arrange for in-depth searches
  • Secure the requisite property certificates
  • Ensure you’re prepared for critical dates
  • Ensure the accuracy of all relevant documents
  • Coordinate settlements with all parties
  • Liaise with lawyers and conveyancers on your behalf
  • Act on your behalf throughout the property sale contract process

Our services also include:

  • Compiling seller’s statements (Section 32 statements)
  • Acquiring Section 27 details and composing statements pertaining to Section 27 (statements regarding the release of deposits).
  • Coordinating with loan providers for mortgage discharge and settlements in Victoria
  • Handling State Revenue Office and Land Victoria forms
  • Providing cheque directions
  • Reviewing statement of adjustments
  • Managing additional tasks essential for arranging settlements

Guiding You Through Land Purchase Transactions

A property purchase is a significant financial commitment. Our role in your property purchase involves managing the entire settlement process from beginning to end. We assist you by:

  • Advising on matters to investigate before signing a purchase contract
  • Arranging for searches and certificates to ensure no issues with the property
  • Preparing and submitting caveats
  • Coordinating with your lender and handling required documents
  • Preparing land transfer documents, duties online forms, and notice of acquisition
  • Adjusting rates on the property between you and the vendors
  • Arranging a settlement with all parties
  • Notifying statutory authorities about the change in property ownership
  • Reporting, assisting and acting on your behalf throughout the entire process

Our services also include:

  • Reviewing Section 32 statements
  • Inspecting proposed land sale contracts
  • Securing necessary rate, tax, and planning certificates
  • Liaising with mortgagees regarding loans
  • Managing all other matters required for a smooth settlement


Arro Property is dedicated to simplifying the complicated world of commercial and residential property law. We offer a complete conveyancing service to make real estate transactions hassle-free. Our team of skilled lawyers in Melbourne is ready to provide personalised solutions for your land sale and purchase needs.

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