At Arro Property, we take pride in being one of the leading providers of conveyancing services in Melbourne. Our expert conveyancer team specialises in commercial and residential property law, ensuring a hassle-free transaction whether you’re buying or selling. With a highly experienced property team, we can also assist in transfers of property and any property disputes you may encounter.

Sale and purchase of land transactions

Arro’s team of solicitors and legal advisers have extensive experience in matters related to property settlements, helping you navigate the conveyancing process with ease. We ensure you and your business thrives by providing comprehensive legal advice and services such as:

Land Sale Transactions:

  • Prepare contracts of sale
  • Prepare vendor’s statements (Section 32 statements)
  • Obtain all necessary property certificates
  • Obtain Section 27 information and draft Section 27 statements (release of deposit statements)
  • Liaise with mortgagees to arrange mortgage discharge and settlement
  • Prepare all forms required by the State Revenue Office and Land Victoria
  • Provide cheque directions
  • Review statement of adjustments
  • Handle all other matters necessary for organising settlement.

Land Purchase Transactions:

  • Review proposed land sale contracts 
  • Review Section 32 statements
  • Obtain necessary rate, tax and planning certificates
  • Prepare transfers of land
  • Prepare and submit caveats
  • Prepare statements of adjustments
  • Liaise with mortgagees regarding loans
  • Handle all other matters needed to organise and carry out settlement.
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Stamp duty assessment

Arro Property has decades of experience guiding stamp duty assessments in Melbourne. Our team of skilled conveyancing lawyers can assist your business with the following legal advice and services:

  • Evaluating the duty payable under the Duties Act 2001 for property purchases in Victoria
  • Liaising with real estate agents and valuers to assess property market values 
  • Communicating with the State Revenue Office to discuss stamp duty concessions and exemptions
  • Advising on State Revenue Office grants, including 
    • First home buyer duty reductions
    • Off-the-plan concessions
    • Principal place of residence duty concessions
    • Pensioner duty exemptions and concessions.

Transfer of land transactions

Arro offers a range of legal expertise relating to land transfers, including the preparation and lodgement of securities.

Our solicitors offer the following transfer of land legal advice:

  • Guidance on concessional and exempt duty transactions
  • Land transfers, including- 
    • Land transfers to and from trustees
    • Transfers of property to unit holders in unit trust schemes
    • Transfers to trustees or custodians of superannuation funds or trusts
    • Transfer of property from one superannuation fund to another
    • Property passing to beneficiaries of fixed trusts
    • Property passing to beneficiaries of discretionary trusts
    • Property passing through a deceased estate
    • Property transfer to beneficiaries of superannuation funds.
  • Drafting of loan agreements
  • Lodgement of securities, including:
    • Registered mortgages
    • Caveats
    • Fixed charges
    • Personal property securities registrations

Arro Property simplifies the complexities of commercial and residential property law for you, offering a comprehensive conveyancing service to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. Trust our skilled conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne to navigate the legal landscape and provide tailored solutions for your needs.

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